Media Player Codec Pack For Microsoft Windows

Media Player Codec Pack For Microsoft Windows

Media Player Codec Pack For Microsoft Windows is the latest version of  Media Player Codec Pack  . Which contains a set of both audio and video codecs so you can play. Variety of audio and video formats in the media player of your choice. Perhaps you have experience when downloading a movie from the internet. But when you want to try it turns out the movie can not be playe on your PC.

This is because the film format is not supported by your. So you can not read this type of format of the film. So by downloading and installing Codec Pack, then you can watch all these movies comfortably on your media player. In it is contained a wide range of codecs that will be integrated directly into Windows Media Player. What are you waiting, soon you download and install  Codec Pack is now.


Main Features Media Player Codec Pack 


  • The media player codec Pack is a codec collection that helps you deal with any multimedia files. Be it video or audio, without the need of installing additional software.
  • The most important step when it comes to the way the codec pack works is the installer, Because It empowers you to pick the components you wish to deploy on your computer.
  • Be careful though, as the setup kit Also comes with some additional tools that may bring a number of changes on your computer. That’s actually the reason why the media player codec pack is flagge as ad-supporte here on Softpedia.
  • There are two installation modes, easy and detail we recommend that you pick the latter Because It also enables you to skip the installation of the aforementioned unnecessary tools.
  • The setup kit includes a third-party toolbar plus a dedicated option to change the homepage and the default search engine of your browser, so pay attention to every single step.
  • As for the codec package alone, it includes DVD / SVCD and DVB filters, video codecs and filters, such as ffdshow, LAV, XviD Encoder and Flash FLV, audio codecs and filters (AC3Filter, LAV Audio, DivX Audio and
  • LAME MP3) plus a collection of other source splitters and filters.
  • Last but not least, the media player codec pack Provides you with the possibility to configure file associations straight from the installer, the which means you can set Windows media player to handle MKV, VOB, FLV,
  • FLAC, OGG and a bunch of other files by default ,
    As a conclusion, the media player codec pack is a decent codec collection that does its job just fine. It is worth a try that’s for sure

Download: Link-1 |Link-2 |Link-3